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We Are Eris Group

If you are a virtual pilot to love fly virtually then you are in right place. Our most important feature is we are keep growing and improving our services. Also if you need any help then we will always be here for you. We have many other features. Yes, it is not easy to become a member in our Eris Group. But we believe that is worth it to try. Our only promise to our pilots is that we will be one of the best virtual airline on the stage...

Eris Airlines

Our first hub is Zurich Airport (LSZH) and we have over 15 destinations. We will add more of course. Our journey stars from here.

Eris Air Business - SOON

We will start operating Business Air Taxi Company under Eris Group with light aircrafts. Our Business Taxi Hub is Brussels Airport (EBBR)

Eris Air Cargo - SOON

We will start operating Cargo Company under Eris Group with cargo aircrafts. Our Cargo Hub is Luxembourg Findel Airport (ELLX)

Eris 777-300 from Do─čukan

Eris Airlines was a long time project in our thoughts.But we wanted to make it perfect before grand opening.After some other projects we gained enough experience for perfect virtual airline.And it is finally operational now.As Eris Airlines, we are not aiming to be the best of virtual skies.We are already the best of it.Our journey starts with 5 'virtual pilots but true friends', 7 airplanes and 23 schedules and there is more to come.

After all this presentation, there is just one question, are you a true friend?

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Our Statistics

We will update our statistics beginning of each month. So you can follow how we are developing.
July 20, 2017








Miles Flown

We have a Tours

Long Haul, IFR World Tour, Cargo Tour, USA Tour... From 2018 we will synchronous IVAO Tours to our Eris Airline.

We are listening your opinions

In our forum, you can tell us what you like and before each action we will publish one survey to understand what you like. We'll decide together.

We have a Flight Assignments

We will assign you 5 flight for each week. This is best for pilots who can't decide where to fly and who loves more discipline.

We have a Codeshare Flights

We want to add one real world airline and one custom virtual airline flights as our codeshare flights. This way you can have more destinations and more fun.

We have a Cloud Center & Paid Modules

We have smart Cloud Center for you to have everything in one screen and we add some paid modules to make our Airline better for you.

We have a Best Flight Trackers

SmartCARS2 for all of us, Integrated Pirep System (IPS) for pilots flying online, Custom Acars for all of us. Each flight pick something different.

Our Broadcasting

Watch live video from AssertiveDesign on www.twitch.tv

Meet Our Team

When you apply for a membership, if your form is accepted then we will schedule a meeting with you in our discord server. Then we will make a final decision to accept you or not.
You will be notified our final decision with email in 24 hours after the meeting.